Napas Inc is a digital company created in the United States, in Florida. Within the company we believe in : on point technologies to reach the needs of our customers. Which is why we are working with passion every day to provide you the best premium quality content in our platforms.

At Napas Inc we based our work on three fundamentals pillars to build our sportive coaching portals:

  • Latest technologies: by using the latest technologies to provide you a perfect experience.
  • Cross platform content: you can enjoy the content on all the devices: desktop, mobile & tablet.
  • Frequent updates: updating the content regularly to allow you to have access to the most recent information.

Because a busy life goes well with short, but high-intensity training. You get just as much results in a short time because you keep minimal breaks and demand a lot from your body. For those who have more time and would like to train a little longer at a slower pace, strength training is suitable. You lift heavy weights in short sets, after which you pause. Do you enjoy clearing your head after a busy day? That is possible with a training session.

No matter what is your level you can find an adapted training for you and train at your pace. The fitness program does not by definition contribute to more muscle mass and a better condition, but it does contribute to a healthier mentality. Choosing a training that suits your lifestyle provides more motivation and faster results!


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